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Everzol® ED
Everzol® ED dyes provide the following advantages:

Cost-effective, Efficient
  • Superb color yield and high fixation
  • Smaller quantities of dyes (ca.50-60%) required than conventional dyes.

Excellent performance
  • Excellent compatibility with the complete Everzol & Everzol ED range
  • Excellent reproducibility.
  • Selected dyes are suitable for continuous dyeing and C.P.B

Environmental Friendly
  • High fixation & easy wash-off.
  • Warm dyeing & energy savings, excellent performance
Everzol® LX
Advantages of Everzol® LX & LF dyes:

Excellent compatibility on pale shades
  • Compatible exhaustion/fixation behavior

Excellent levelness
  • On-tone migration and synchronal dyeing behavior

Unique reproducibility
  • high Right First Time from lab to bulk and bulk to bulk

high lightfastness and perspiration lightfastness
Everzol® CS
Everzol® CS dyes provides the following advantages:
  • Exceptional levelness performance
  • Confident lab to bulk Right First Time & re-producibility
  • Eliminating reprocessing risk
  • Excellent lightfastness & chlorinated water fastness
  • Non-photochromic
Everzol® FC
Everzol® FC provides advantages such as:
  • Extremely brilliant reactive dyes
  • Fashion trend demands
  • Warm dyeing
  • Easy dyeing
  • Versatile application
  • Unique fastness performance
Everzol® Black ED-G & Black ED-R
Less nylon & elastane cross-dyeing
  • Very less nylon & elastane (Lycra) cross-dyeing in Cotton/Nylon/Lycra blends.
Dischargeable property
  • Suitable for discharge printing
High color-yield
  • Most economical recipe to achieve very deep shade
Unique fastness properties
  • Wet fastness
  • Washing fastness
  • Perspiration fastness
  • Multi-cycle oxidative laundrying test (UK-TO)
  • Dry/wet rubbing fastness
Everzol® Black EDN
Saving Energy & Reducing Effluent
  • Highly suitable for extra short liquor ratio dyeing
  • High wash-off supported by high fixation
  • Less effluent, less environmental impact
Value-Added Benefit
  • Excellent levelness
  • Outstanding R.F.T.
  • Low Nylon/Lycra cross-dyeing for cotton blends dyeing
Everzol® Black ED-3R
Comply with Global Environment Rules & Consumer Safety Inditex
  • AAA premium accredited
  • REACH for Europe
Outstanding Performance
  • More stable shade in post acidic finishing
  • Unique build-up and reduce pollution
  • Versatile application for various dyeing process
Evercion® H-E & Evercion ESL
  • Cost - effectiveness, Excellent Build-up
  • High Exhaustion, High Fixation
  • Excellent Levelling Properties
  • High Color Yield
  • Easy Wash-off
  • Versatile Application
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Excellent Fastness Properties
  • Reliable Reproducibility: "Right First Time“
  • Environmentally friendly leading to less waste water treatment
Everzol® Black DGL & Black DRL


  • Suitable for Very Deep Black Shades
  • High Build-Up, Easy Wash-Off
  • Exceptional Washing & Wet Fastness