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The institutionalization of textile business in Turkey goes back as far as the Turkish Republic itself. Before the 1930s, professions such as silkworm breeding and cotton cultivation promoted the textile sector in Turkey.

After the 1930s, with the help of the technology obtained from the western civilizations, weaving and textile dyeing took a quantum leap to establish the grounds of the textile sector in Turkey. Within that period, one of the most important ingredients for textile dyeing process, the production of textile dyes were in the monopoly of a handful of European firms, and this went on for years.

The foundation of Elite Corp. was coincided with 2 major events that had a significant impact on the textile sector in Turkey:

· The rapid development of knitted fabrics dyeing, which was not significantly developed until 1983, and the rise of its importance in export.

· The decision of Turkish Government to establish the first free zones in Turkey, one of them being in Mersin.

At about the same period of time, the Günaştı family was already in the cotton production and sale business. With their experience in the field and the successful attempts from family members, Meysan was found in 1980 and Ilteks was established in 1986. Through these channels, the Günaştı family promptly started to supply the manufacturers with reactive and direct dyes.

Back in those days, even though the production of textile dyes was monopolized by several European firms, Taiwan’s Everlight Chemical Corp. succeeded to stand out among those firms. Taiwan’s rising economy and its innovativeness played a huge role in the development of technical infrastructure of Everlight, and thus a giant in the textile sector was born.

Günaştı family’s desire to become a better competitor in the textile dyeing sector has driven to them to pursue high quality materials with more reasonable prices. This pursuit eventually crossed the family’s path with Everlight. Günaştı group foresaw the benefits of the law of free zone and its reflections on textile dyes trade, which lay the groundwork for the establishment of Elite Boya in 1989.

The advancements in textile dyeing field, the need for high quality products with competitive prices, and Elite’s visionary technical-wise and commercial-wise investments successfully created a bridge between Turkey and Taiwan, which still deepens the technical and commercial knowledge to this day.

The boom in exports in those years led the textile sector to leadership among other sectors. With Everlight challenging the European giants in terms of pricing and financing, which is the essential requirement of competition, Elite utilized its logistic advantage in the free zone and became a powerful player in the market.

As of today, Elite’s over 31 years of experience and knowledge continues to solve the time problems that dyehouses face in procurement of dyes in a great extent. Elite, Ilteks and Meysan’s

compotent technical team combine its forces with high-class and well-priced products in order to provide an advantage to all textile manufacturing firms in its region.

Elite integrates its sophisticated laboratory and efficient warehouses in Mersin Free Zone with Ilteks’ extensive knowledge and infrastructure in contemplation to provide excellent service to all textile zones in Turkey. Moreover, Elite provides training and internship programs to educate future personnel in order to contribute to the persistence and resilience of the textile sector in Turkey.

Elite will continue to present its service to Middle East, Caucasian countries, Independent Turkish States, Africa and partially to Europe. While functioning as a bridge between Asia and Turkey, Elite also brings in foreign currency to Turkey.