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Our digital printing inks have been thoughtfully manufactured to satisfy critical needs of our customers such as:

  • Consistent quality & stability to ensure excellent reproducibility
  • Unique formulation without risk on print head damage
  • High saturate color yield for printing sharp and bleeding-free
  • Non-risky print head blocking after long period printing, compared to its counterparts
  • Diversified ranges for various printing heads
  • Compatible with high speed printing mode & free of banding problem
  • No more damaged heads! With our excellent purification processes, conduct your jetting in a seamless manner. Our digital ink products are specifically designed to increase the life span of your head.



Evermax® Series
  • Water-based dyes and pigments for desktop printing
Everplus® Series
  • Reactive dyes for textile digital printing
Everjet® Series
  • Reactive ink for textile used in cellulose, silk, wool, piezo digital printing