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  • Our toner products are supplied from Trend Tone Imaging Inc. (TTI). With its state-of-the-art production equipment from Germany and Japan, TTI is capable of producing compatible toner and toner cartridges to facilitate world-renowned brands of laser printers, photocopiers and multi-functional printer devices. Considering its 30 years in the business, TTI is a well-known brand that has a powerful position in the market.
  • TTI holds ISO 9001, 14001 and 14067 certifications to prove its high standards and excellent consistency.
  • With nearly three decades of toner development experiences, Trend Tone Imaging, Inc.'s R&D team has accumulated over 100 toner product formulas covering black and color laser printers, copiers, multi-functional printers and production printers.
  • TTI constantly recruits talents with master’s and PhD degrees in order to respond the demands for printing and meet the needs of evolving printing equipment and user requirements.
  • Elite also has a reliable technical team to provide its customers with uttermost quality and excellent post-sale service, to inform its customers about the technical details and delicacies of its products.
  • Our toner raw materials are always uniformly distributed and dispersed to ensure that each micron-sized toner particle has a uniform formula composition. We guarantee that our products have consistent physical properties and maintain good printing quality.
  • For the ultra-small particles that will lower printing quality, our classification equipment has the latest technology, which can adjust the suitable particle size according to product design requirements is utilized. In addition to ensuring good printing quality, the product yield rate is also taken into account to reduce the generation of waste.
  • Our product range is compatible with the following brands of laser printers:
Fuji Xerox
Konica Minolta
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